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Services And Offerings

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Giving is generally assigned to a service or event for example Sunday morning service or Friday Women's event. Giving that comes in during the week for example direct debits is not usually assigned to a service.

Setting Up a Service

To setup a service simply do the following;

  1. Click on Giving, on left menu
  2. Click on Finance Admin, on left sub menu
  3. Click on Services, on top right menu
  4. Click on Create Service, on top right menu
  5. Enter the Location
  6. Enter the Speaker
  7. Enter the service type (see link on left menu for Setting Up Service Types )
  8. Enter the service date
  9. Enter the start time
  10. Enter any comments you wish to make

Click the Add Service button to save your entry

Locking and Unlocking Services

ChurchWorks provides extra contol of key information by allowing authorized users to "Lock" and "Unlock" services and offerings.

When you are finished working with service information such as giving or attendance it is important to "lock" the service. This will prohibit any changes accidently being made to the existing information.

To lock a service:

  1. Click on Finance Admin under the Admin and Finance Menu
  2. Click Select next to the service you want to lock or unlock
  3. Click the button which will say either lock or unlock depending upon the current status of the service.

This will change the status of the service.

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